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You are a discerning owner. You deserve excellence. Cold Harbor Construction has custom built, renovated and restored fine homes throughout Nassau and Suffolk County. Founder Greg Marzuk is a Long Island native who shares a passion for authentic materials in anything from modern glass homes to historical restorations.

We believe in working with you and that our joint relationship will define your finished product. We look at your plan to determine ways to deliver your vision within your budget. Custom construction is both an art and a science that takes experience and knowledge. Our trusted team shares our commitment to quality and service, whether it is our experts on the job site or the craftsmen in our custom wood working shop.

We work closely with you and your architectural team. We believe in transparency and communication while working together to develop creative solutions. Our relationships with premier suppliers enable us to provide the finest materials and cutting edge technologies, as well as think outside the box. And having local roots, we know the fine points of Long Island residential construction – from the impact of weather and coastal elements to town regulations to maximizing your investment.

To put it simply, we make sure that every step gets professional attention and that you receive thoughtful consideration. Your end result is a home of lasting quality, integrity and value.

Our process begins with you and your architectural team. We not only review your plans, we consider your lifestyle, timeframe, and budget. We make sure there are no surprises, only the exhilaration that comes from seeing your project fully realized and your vision fulfilled. For some this may begin with a three-dimensional model of your project onsite so you can see (and feel!) materials, scale, and flow.

High-end residential construction is a unique and demanding form of building. The materials, details, and function must all be of the highest caliber. Cold Spring Harbor Construction only works with the best to consistently deliver superior quality, inside and out. You see it in every one of our projects, from renovations to newly completed homes for the area’s most well known architects (some of our most discerning “customers”). We are confident in saying we are experts in the field. Our clients would agree.

You want personal attention and exceptional quality. Our team, starting at the top with owner Greg Marzuk along with our project supervisors, bring outstanding knowledge and experience to the craft of custom home building.

We invite you to meet with us about your project, whether a custom home, addition, renovation or historic preservation. Let’s sit down and create a path to your vision.

"The bonds you form with your home are powerful. And nowhere are they stronger than in a custom house."

Greg Marzuk

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